The fiib® it Racing-Team starts into another season of amateur motorbike racing under the moto "gasgasvollgas" or "The need for speed" as they say in English.

During the past few years the team, in its own prototype class, notably grew to become an integral part of the Classic-Trophy.

The racing-team was founded by Dr. Gerald Marimón, owner of the fiib feedlab-institute in Augsburg, Germany.

The first two team-bikes, a Honda and a Suzuki, feature prototype-bodywork and -instruments as well as an Öhlins chassis. Additionally, a Suzuki manufactured serial motorbike with a V2-engine featuring 650 cc and an Adriani-Öhlins chassis goes into action with this year's season.

Racing is passion - but - also a professional test and application area for the tools and methods used by the Feedlab-Institute. Racing is the ultimate test, under the guiding principle "Take no risk without control" or to cite our favourite tyre manufacturer: "Power is nothing without control", of material, people and the team as to their level of integration. During the race we collect valuable feedback from the rider in real time, keep settings and environmental data accessible, agree and track improvement projects and rider objectives. Connect as well as develop commitment and results by means of our fiib®-App , consequently linking all members of the team and, with an integrated set of generic goals ranging from team culture to sustainability, manage the progress of our project. Feedlab-Institutes philosophy "Connection at its best" is the result of experience of professionals for professionals. What is more credible than racing?

fiib® it racing!
  • Team-leiter Gerald Marimón
    Gerald Marimón
    Team Leader

    "My profession is my passion."